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What WE Believe

Security solutions need to be easy

To stay protected in today’s world involves overly complex and hard to implement security measures.  Security doesn’t have to be hard.  At Threat Condition, we build the world’s leading easy to use security solutions and help you get them installed. 

Introducing: is a lightweight tool that installs in your Active Directory network and ensures users don’t select compromised passwords


Are you ready for easier security?

It’s time for complex security to be challenged. Too many solutions require too much management and technical understanding to release their full value to any size of organization. You can protect your data and your customers with easy to install, easy to manage and easy to use solutions. 

Easy to Install

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Our safepass software installs in under 3 minutes.  It works on Windows Active Directory systems and is licensed per Active Directory Objects.

Almost Zero Maintenance

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Once installed safepass needs almost no maintenance.  When the password databases are updated, or new compliance requirements are created, we will send you an email.  Just download the update and click a button.  Easy.

Meets Compliance Guidelines

More Info is the ONLY Password Filter that is enabling your organization to be completely compliant with the new guidelines regarding password security policies.  Meets NIST, NCSC and Microsoft guidelines.

Our Customers

Industry Leaders

Join the ranks of the most secure companies

With you are in the 9% of most secure companies in the world. We put you in control and stop your users from choosing passwords found on compromised data lists.

“This has changed how we manage logins in our work environment.”

John Sutton,

Head of IT

“In any organisation, the weakest link is the individual. has solved the way our teams keep the company safe.”

Janis Oliver

Head of HR