The December Update

Our software vendor, Matta Consulting LTD has a new update for you this holiday season.  You may have heard that Troy Hunt has released a new version of the HIBP database (V3) so we’ve updated to reflect that. We’re proud to announce that we’re now checking against 517 Million passwords to ensure you are safe from Credential Stuffing and Password Spraying attacks.

We’ve also received several feature requests from our customers and we’ve taken them onboard. Some of them are on the roadmap for future releases (such as the addition of enterprise dashboards) and some of them have made it to this release.

New features and improvements (full details in the documentation):

  • Upgraded to Have I Been Pwned version 3 (HIBPv3) 517M Passwords
  • We now allow helpdesks and sysadmins to bypass if required
  • Impose 8 characters as a minimum, in compliance with latest password guidelines (NIST, NCSC)
  • Implement reverse-substring match on the words of the custom dictionary
  • Improvements to the installer to allow in-place upgrades
  • Runtime speed improvements
  • Further security enhancements: ASLR support improvements, compilation flags optimizations